The Edisse Watch

Revolutionising the way we take care of our elderly parents through an innovative watch
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Edisse Watch
Help save your loved ones

Our product icorporates an automatic fall detection system in a lightweight, elegantly designed, state-of-the-art watch.


We collect and analyse data to give you detailed information regarding your loved ones. Some examples of reports include risk of falls and locations of highest falls.

Fall Detection

Edisse eliminates the need to press a panic button by automatically detecting falls and alerting you in real-time. This allows a faster response time and is activated even if the wearer is incapacitated.


Global Coverage

The Edisse watch isn't like your typical panic button with limited radius coverage. With the Edisse watch, the coverage you get is global!

Real-time Tracking

Our watch allows you to track your loved ones from anywhere in real-time using our smart-phone and web applications.

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